Picture of Lynnette Carlson

Lynnette Carlson

“If I am reincarnated, I came back for the hugs.”

Affiliated with Unity of Bloomington since 1992, Lynnette’s qualifications include:

  • Bachelor of Sacred Music
    Illinois Wesleyan University

  • Master of Divinity
    Eastern Theological Seminary

  • Pastoral Counselor, Licensed
    Mental Health Counselor
    Christian Theological Seminary

Lynnette celebrates the light of God in each of us and finds herself falling in love, over and over again, with the Christ within.

Picture of Ginger Curry

Ginger CurrY

“Stay curious and playful . . . choose to experience life through the eyes of gratitude.”

Affiliated with Unity of Bloomington since 2000, Ginger’s qualifications include:

  • Bachelor of Music
    University of Louisville

  • Licensed Unity Teacher Candidate

  • Published Unity Songwriter

Ginger finds the teachings of Unity offer a practical approach to living Jesus’ call to be the Light of the World.


Picture of Susan Dabkowski

Susan DabkowskI

“Life is as good as you let it be!”

A Founding Member of our spiritual commUnity, Susan has been involved with Unity of Bloomington since 1987. She loves nature, animals, and vegetarian cuisine. She brings decades of experience in social services and non-profit management to her role as our Office Administrator.

Picture of Sakshi Zion


“I believe in the teachings of Unity and other sacred traditions. We have a responsibility to share these gifts and contribute to the awakening of humanity.”

Affiliated with Unity of Bloomington since 2015, Sakshi is a musician, entrepreneur, investor, life coach, social media wizard, yoga teacher, world traveller and father. He facilitates the Prosperity Study Group.

Picture of Phyllis Wickliff

Phyllis Wickliff
Music Director

“Music is food for my soul and the connection between All That Is and my earthly life. That connection transforms my physical life into pure Spirit, and gives me hope, comfort and joy!”

A life-long musician, Phyllis directs and accompanies three choirs: Unity of Bloomington, the Bloomington Peace Choir, and co-directs the Bloomington Threshold Choir. She writes original choral and solo music.

Picture of Paige Holiday


“I look forward to getting to know the people of Unity!”

Paige brings an Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and five years’ teaching experience to Youth Education at Unity. She loves art and crafting, and is always interested in finding new art techniques to share in the classroom.

Picture of Bill Perry

Bill PerrY

“I believe the soul is on a joyous journey through timeless time and spaceless space in search of unity with God.”

A member of Unity of Bloomington since 2016, Bill considers himself to be a freelance scholar doing pro bono work for anyone who will listen. He shares his skills, as a handyman, cook and impromptu factotum.

Picture of Zara Pelfree

Zara Pelfree
YFM Coordinator

“I move forward each day with a deep desire to share a message that has blessed me beyond words.”

Affiliated with Unity of Bloomington since 2002, Zara holds a doctoral-level certification in lesson planning and curriculum development from Walden University. She creates weekly lessons for the children.


President - Richard Torstrick
Vice President - Andy Alexander
Treasurer - Robert Audley
Secretary - Leslie Wilfong
Member - Betsy Reinbold
Member - Joni Reagan