You may be wondering what Unity is like. We’re a diverse, welcoming, and accepting congregation. You won’t find judgmental attitudes here. We don’t care how you are dressed or what faith tradition you come from. We attract people on a spiritual journey who are seeking community and exploring the Divinity within themselves and others.

A Joyful Woman

Who We Are

We are from many faith traditions and no particular faith tradition. A few of us were even raised in Unity. The knowledge that each of us is on a spiritual path and that we are all one in Spirit binds us together.

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What we teach

You may find our idea of affirmative prayer to be unique. Unity began in the practice of prayer and meditation—with a focus on health and prosperity. We encourage everyone to spend time in the Silence. We recognize that there is light in every faith tradition.

Prayerful Hands in Sunshine

Five basic principles

There are no required beliefs to be a member of our community. Through our spiritual journeys, we have come to understand Five Basic Principles that shape our Truth. They involve oneness, goodness and living what we believe.



We’d like to meet you. We don’t think you’ll find a group more accepting than we are. Each new face brings a new story, each adding its unique notes to the one spiritual song that enriches us all.