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Mindfulness-Based Emotional Intelligence for Leaders - Day 1

  • Unity of Bloomington (map)

Dr. Lemuel W. Watson
IU Dean, School of Education & Provost Professor
Mr. Lander Arrieta
Leadership Coach and Consultant

You Have the Power Within to 
Change Your Mindset and Change Your Life!

Dr. Lemuel W. Watson - IU Dean, School of Education & Provost Professor

Dr. Lemuel W. Watson - IU Dean, School of Education & Provost Professor

On a daily basis, we are constantly responding to the world around us. Remaining calm and peaceful in order to be our best selves can be a challenge. However, there are ways to take control over how you respond while maintaining peace, joy, and respect for others in stressful times.

You’re invited to experience the Search Inside Yourself (SIY) Program, facilitated by Dr. Lemuel W. Watson, Dean of the School of Education and Provost Professor at Indiana University and Executive Coach, and Lander Arrieta, Leadership Coach and Consultant, both teachers-in-training for SIY. SIY is a mindfulness-based emotional intelligence program. Emotional intelligence is critical to understand yourself and to be able to empathize with others in order to influence people around you in a deliberate, effective and compassionate way. The program itself was developed at Google by an early Google engineer, name Meng. Meng knew that to appeal to engineers, he needed to make the program very practical and rooted in science, so he brought together experts in mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and neuroscience to design the class. 

There are several outcomes or benefits that participants experience from the program. On an individual level, the program helps people manage stress, build focus and sustain high performance. The program also supports collaboration and teamwork by training empathy and compassion. The goal is to help you thrive by being more aware, enjoying greater productivity, effectiveness, and happiness in all aspects of your work and personal life. This opportunity would normally cost over $1600 to a participant, but Dr. Watson is offering this opportunity free of charge in exchange to practice and explore ways for this course to become more meaningful to you as a future potential certified SIY Teacher.